She’s turning Twelve.

“She’s turning 12!” I find myself saying that a lot lately. Toady is my daughters 12th birthday and I find myself verbalizing that fact a great deal, and not for the reasons you would think. Most moms, at this point

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“Someday you’ll thank me for doing this!”

…just one of the things us parents say to our teens daily. For things like dental hygiene and cleaning up after themselves the benefits are more clear. For others, like monitoring their social media activities, the end result may not

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As long as your phone is on my plan…

Last year, my oldest son graduated from elementary school (6th grade) and turned 12 in the same week. Big changes were on the horizon, one of which included the move to junior high. This move, to a school closer to

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So you want to be my friend, huh?

There’s a strange phenomenon happening on my social media feeds lately. Every day I click onto sites like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook (although not as often there!) and have friend or follow requests from my 13 year old son’s

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