About Me

20160625_144257As a member of “Generation X” I grew up in a time where I knew more about technology then my parents (which is painfully obvious whenever they want to watch a DVD!).  My first computer when I was a child was a Texas Instrument 99-4A with clunky cartridges and a cassette player as a hard drive. I taught myself basic programming and there was no stopping me from there. My parents always tried to indulge my love for gadgets but never really understood why and how it all worked or what I did with all the time I spent on said gadgets!   In this day and age of technology, I feel that it is time to break this pattern. Social Media has changed the game and its consequences are far reaching and long lasting. Through education, guidance and engagement with our children we as parents  need to take back the mouse and help our children navigate through this tech savvy world.
What qualifies me to write about these things? Well, besides working as a Digital Marketing  Manager I am the mother of three brilliantly curious digital natives in their tween and teen years.  My husband, Kevin and I have been married since June 2000. Our oldest boy is a high school student. He is talented writer, a gamer and dreams of growing up to direct movies. He got his first Smartphone for his 12th birthday and an Instagram account the day he turned 13. Our youngest is an energetic little man who loves playing baseball, reading  and all things Marvel.  He amazes me daily with his ability to learn programs and navigate the web to find what interests him, he is teaching himself coding.  Our daughter, the calm between the storms, is an amazing singer, basketball player and high honor roll student who has already skipped a grade. She received her first smartphone this year and is quickly mastering social media and Junior high at the same time.
I  graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a BA specializing in Social Media Marketing and work as a Digital Marketing Manager for a family-owned media company headquartered in Concord, New Hampshire .  Kevin works in User Experience as a Senior Content Developer for a software company. We enjoy watching baseball and enjoying summer nights on our deck!  We navigate social media from a bunch of smartphones, tablets and laptops all scanning for WiFi hot spots in Manchester, NH.
I do not claim to be an expert in parenting or social media but my experience in both make me the person that friends and family members often turn to when they have questions regarding their children interacting with social media. I hope that this blog becomes a forum where parents can find resources and share information to better prepare them for their children’s digital life!

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